Wednesday, June 16, 2010

God damn i miss blogger!

Helloooo blogger :):) How's everything going? I miss my blog so bad, its been a long time for me not to post here. Im busy with my life and share everything on twitter or sometimes in facebook or tumblr. Anway, please follow my twitter --> @FanyaDfst , my Facebook: Zefanya M. Defista Sirait, and my tumblr --> and you'll know my life compeletely :p Oh yes, i havent tell blogger world that IM GRADUATED!!!! Thanks God for everything, i've got my best nem and im happy for it :) But im a bit sad cause i'll not continue my Senior High School at SMA Labschool Rawamangun. I've choose SMAK 7 BPK Penabur as my next Senior High School. Please pray the best for me then :p Hmm, ive a lot of problems after ive been graduated. Im tired of all this and i need a time to be alone, to cry out loud cause im tired of being too calm. I wish there's someone who can understand me goodly. So sad, there's no one :( Ok i bet its enough. I dont wanna share to deep about mylife. Have a nice holiday everyone :)