Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Heya bloggie ;-) Miss this blog like sooo damn much! These days are been so hard. He's busy with his own things, so do i. Sometimes, when i have "my own" time, i think about him all the time. Im wondering what he's doing right now, how's his life, and so many things that he used to share with me. Its not hurting me, but somehow when i really missed him, i feel weak. I feel like i can do nothing without him, he's my life. He's the one who understands me a lot and never stop supporting every step that i take. I've been working so hard for the Science Class, and i have this spirit is all because of him. He told me that Science Class is cool and i deserve to be a Science Class student. He said im smart, and he's really proud of me. Thank you for that :--)

Anyway, this Saturday im gonna get my midterm report card. Lets pray the best for me, i dont wanna make my mom&dad down. They gave me almost everything i want. Whoaaa feel soooo afraid, i got remedial for about 3 times and it killing me :-( I promise to my mom not to have a remedial again, but i failed. Biology ruin it hufffft, im bad at remembering something.

Its time for me to go, thanks for reading. Enjoy ur day!