Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Holiday :D

Good afternoon, blogger. In the end of my christmas&new year holiday, i would like to share about my christmas holiday at my luvvvvly and amazing hometown, Ajibata, Sumatra Utara :D Yeah, me and my high school friends like to call Sumatra Utara as Tano Batak :D I spent 5 days and 4 nights at Ajibata, and a night at Medan. I really had a great days there, even thought i can't visit Danau Toba like i used to 9 years ago whaoahahhaha, yeah its been a long time since i went there :'D

I arrived at Medan on Christmas Day, then i went to Ajibata. Its 4/5 hours from Medan to Ajibata. We stopped by at Siantar to had a dinner there, then finally.. at 8 o clock i arrived at my opung's house in Ajibata. There's a lot of difference since the last time i went there. Everything is look better and still beautiful :'D The christmas celebration actually start at the next day, so that night me and my sisters and brothers (who actually is my uncles and aunts hahahaa) just having fun, singing all night like there's no tomorrow (hihi jk). The next day, we had "bakti sosial" at HKBP Ajibata. We put some lamps at the way to HKBP Ajibata and clean our opung buyut's grave :) Yeah, my dad told me that when i was a little, opung boru buyut ever visited us to Batam.. but i don't really remember. But what i heard from my sisters, she was sooooo nice :) And im glad that i ever saw her once hehehe. The "bakti sosial" ends at 12 pm in the afternoon. Here's some pictures :)

this is Pomparan Op. Risma Sirait br. Gultom *sadly its not complete*

this is opung buyut's grave :)

this is some picture of me and my sisters and lil sister ;)

The next day is a traditional day. Yeah, we ate pig, and then we used ulos and there's gondang and we dance traditional dance from Sumatra Utara :) I had a really great day and experience that day. I learned a lot about my family and all the cultures. And im proud. Here's a picture of me using ulos hihihihi :D

Look this is my first time using ulos huahaha. (l-r: ka Bina, ka Nova, ka Nunik, Hellen, ka Lidya)

What a really beautiful moment i had that day, especially..:P Kidding, nothing special happen, everything just nice and fine and beautiful hehhe ;) The next day is the christmas celebration day! We invited all people from HKBP Ajibata to celebrate christmas with us. Me and my sisters sang some songs with a band that played by our fam too!

Here's the singer (l-r: me, ka Nunik, Hellen, Ijes, ka Eva, Lina, ka Lydia, Jean, ka Bina, Cindy, Mega, Keiko, bg Harry)

Great right? Yeah it was. Thank Jesus Christ, i really had a great christmas holiday this time :):):) Im so happy as hell! Hope i can visited my hometown soon, or maybe i can go on vacation with all my big fam to somewhere beautiful (BIG AMEN!) Wihiii, if you have time, visit my hometown Ajibata. And you'll be amazed heheheh :D Wish me luck for tomorrow, my first day of school in this 2nd semester. Hope all my targets are reached! AMEEEEEN :D

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